Why choose WriteCare

There are plenty of reasons to call on an external editorial specialist – and for choosing WriteCare in particular.

You may need some extra help to take on writing and editing jobs that simply must be done to meet statutory requirements (like annual reports and NHS quality accounts) but the in-house communications team doesn’t have the capacity for – especially if there are strict timescales to meet.

You may be looking for fresh, objective ideas on how to tackle a challenging piece of content, especially if this involves creating a coherent whole based on information from lots of different health and care specialists, each with their own style and focus.

You may want someone to do the time-consuming ‘leg work’ of desk research to pick out and pull together the core information you need to support a lengthy report, strategy or policy.

If a document is especially likely to be open to scrutiny and challenge (such as a paper going out for consultation), you’ll want to be sure it’s accurate and the tone and style are appropriate – an external editor looking at it for the first time should pick up on anything people already familiar with the content may have missed.

My particular strengths

Years of experience providing editorial support to satisfied health and care clients have shown I am reliable and trustworthy, and can add significant value to written communication projects. For instance:

  • I have a good understanding of the sector generally, but can also view content from the perspective of a member of the public, patient or service user. Not being directly employed by your organisation or service helps maintain objectivity.
  • I can sift complex information and quickly grasp a specific topic or issue (including the particular context).
  • I ask pertinent and productive questions and am not afraid to challenge assumptions (such as what the target reader may be expected to know or understand) or query anything that seems unclear.
  • I use plain English whenever possible, getting rid of unnecessary jargon and explaining terminology in a meaningful way, tailored to the intended audience and purpose of the content.
  • I pay a lot of attention to detail, including checking things (like the proper titles of organisations and legislation) that may be commonly used incorrectly.
  • I can handle input – including proposed amendments to draft content – from individuals with different agendas and opposing views in a fair and measured way.

I also offer good value for money, not least by always trying to ensure that any information is worthwhile and credible, not just produced as a ‘tick box’ exercise. If I really doubt that it won’t be genuinely relevant and helpful to whoever it’s aimed at, I’ll say so.