What WriteCare offers

Through WriteCare I offer a range of skills and services that you may need in producing health and care information. These include:

  • research and analysis of emerging or existing issues
  • reviews and updates of current information
  • face-to-face and phone interviews
  • writing original content, including summaries of much longer, more complex documents
  • collating contributions from other writers, such as in-house technical experts and clinicians
  • developmental editing that involves restructuring and rewriting information that’s already been drafted so that it’s as readable, relevant and easy to follow as possible
  • copyediting to make sure content is clear, consistent, correct and complete, ready for publication
  • advising on structure, tone and style, including developing a specific house style and guidance on its consistent application
  • managing feedback and incorporating suggested amendments in a balanced way
  • proofreading as a final check for errors, like spelling and punctuation mistakes or broken web links.

You may need one or more of these services, for a variety of written information aimed at different people and produced for a range of specific purposes. I have experience of helping to create:

  • patient information, both generally and for particular groups, at various stages of their journey from diagnosis onwards
  • health and care advice for the public to encourage positive changes in behaviour and prevention of ill health
  • guidance for health and care professionals – including frontline practitioners, senior clinicians and managers – to support better ways of working and individual development
  • case studies to share achievements and lessons learned
  • websites and web pages to support targeted initiatives
  • intranet content to improve employee engagement
  • policy and strategy documents to explain and implement better practice at national, regional and local level
  • research reports that set out evidence and findings clearly
  • corporate information to deliver meaningful messages and support compliance with guidelines, regulations and legislation.

Exactly what you need from WriteCare may not be immediately obvious. I’d be happy to talk through your project so that together we can agree what support would be most helpful (and when) to reach the best outcome within your timescales and budget. Find out more about how WriteCare works (including my rates) and get in touch for a no-obligation chat.