Corporate reports and plans

Here are some examples of how I’ve helped WriteCare clients produce different types of corporate information, for different purposes. Most of the published versions are available to download, but others were only intended for sharing within the client organisation or for particular groups (like government decision makers or health professionals) so I can’t let you see a copy.

Supporting devolution in Greater Manchester

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership – made up of 37 NHS organisations and local authorities – was the first public body in the UK to be given devolved powers to directly manage health and social care budgets and services. WriteCare has worked with the partnership since it began formally operating in 2016, writing, editing and proofreading a wide range of its strategies, policies, plans and reports, including subsequent updates and revisions.

These include the partnership’s:

Taking health and care roles in a new direction

I’ve been very much involved in producing information to support Health Education England’s programme to introduce new roles and expand existing ones, particularly in the mental health workforce, so that these services not only improve but integrate effectively with other areas of health and care, like social work and nursing. For example:

  • I covered a two-day seminar on ‘transforming mental health social work’ and produced a report pulling together everything that was discussed.
  • I proofread a study on the role of specialist forensic social workers, who support people with mental health issues that put them (and others) at greater risk of harm; these patients may be detained in secure care facilities or prisons.
  • I edited a practical guide for NHS trusts, local authorities and related agencies to help them develop professional staff from various health and care disciplines to act as ‘approved clinicians’ and ‘responsible clinicians’, whose job is to assess patients who may need to be detained under the Mental Health Act.

I’ve also worked on broader strategies for Health Education England, such as its diversity and inclusion framework for 2018-22.

Health-related research for policy planners and decision makers

As well as working for organisations that deliver health and care, I also provide editorial services to others that help shape top-level strategies and policies on relevant aspects of people’s lives, like disability, social inequalities and human rights. For example:

  • I edited a research report for the Equality and Human Rights Commission looking at the barriers people seeking or refused asylum face in trying to access healthcare services in the UK, and what could help them do so more easily.
  • I also edited a linked report based on the experiences of asylum seekers, clarifying what healthcare these people needed and the problems individuals had in getting it.