Working together

WriteCare aims to offer you great value for money as well as top quality written communication tailored to your needs and objectives. I understand the issues affecting public sector communications, including budgetary constraints, accountability and governance and internal processes for developing and approving communication materials.

Understanding what you need and want

From the outset, and right the way through a project, WriteCare will work with you to explore your objectives and intended outcomes and how best to achieve them.

There are several stages in any written communication project to ensure it stands the most chance of success.

  • A comprehensive briefing and discussion about the project, resources available and how you would most benefit from what WriteCare can offer
  • Development of the material, which is very much a two-way process, with WriteCare tapping into your knowledge and previous experience of communicating with your target audience as well as challenging assumptions and coming up with alternative approaches and ideas
  • Delivering the best quality finished product possible within any constraints, like timescales and budgets, and taking into account the views of people involved in the project (including those the information is aimed at)

You can read more about the WriteCare approach to working with clients here

The way WriteCare works



You’ll find information on WriteCare policies, pricing and practices around issues like privacy on the Policies and practices page.