Leading the way with expert information

Written by Vicky Burman on . Posted in Communication planning, Talking care

In a world where we’re all at risk of ‘information overload’, how do you share your specialist knowledge and expertise through credible content?

Membership organisations – including professional bodies, charities and educational institutions connected to health and care – have a lot of important insight that should make them a primary ‘go to’ source of online information and innovative thinking on their particular area of interest.

But it’s not always that easy to develop your niche. The ‘thought leadership and content delivery’ stream at MemCom 2015 – an annual event for membership marketing professionals – offered valuable tips on getting started.

As I highlighted in my round-up of the stream’s presentations, it takes planning and ongoing commitment, clear communication structures and branding.

You need to ‘talent spot’ among your own people to identify those with their finger on the pulse who are willing to scope ‘hot topics’ where you can add value to the discussion.

You want to be able to tap into relevant communities – including those generated through your own organisation – and uncover what not just interests them but is of real use. You should aim to continually repurpose and prepare your expert information to deliver it in different ways and at the most appropriate times. And you can act as a ‘curator’ for your audience, filtering other content so that it is meaningful and in context.