Professional guidance

WriteCare can help you produce credible guidance and information for health and care professionals in all sorts of roles and specialties, pitched at the right level to ensure it can be applied to improve working practices. Here are some examples of guidance and supporting resources, such as case studies, produced for diverse practitioners and settings.

Making best use of clinical senate expertise

The challenge – To elaborate on specific learning to produce broader advice

WriteCare was asked to look at some information put together by a clinical senate on the positive impact its expert members had on service change. We suggested taking a fresh approach to turn a fairly formal report on particular lessons learned into a more dynamic guide to making best use of clinical senate expertise and applying this to a wide range of projects aimed at improving services. It was important to find an appropriate tone and style for the intended audience of generally knowledgeable commissioners and organisations that might be unclear about the practicalities of the clinical senate review process,

This is the final version.

Sharing valuable lessons on GP access

The challenge – To analyse the approaches of individual pilot schemes and summarise their experience for others to build on

This piece of work involved sifting through detailed information provided by GP Access Fund ‘wave 2’ schemes to get a clear understanding of how they were working differently and using technology to make it easier for patients to access general practice services. The aim was to draw out key themes from across the various schemes, highlighting common issues, as well as pinpointing solutions and ideas that could be adopted elsewhere.

Information governance guides

The challenge – To make a series of technical guides accessible to non-specialists

WriteCare was brought in to help the NHS England digital primary care team produce a set of information governance guides. They needed editing to ensure they complemented each other and had a common feel. It was also necessary to do some rewriting to make technical topics such as privacy impact assessments, information sharing and data flow mapping easily understood by non-specialists working in general practice and encourage them to put the advice into everyday use.

Keeping care providers up to date

The challenge – To keep members of local care associations informed about business opportunities and sector news

WriteCare produces reader-friendly e-newsletters distributed monthly to members of care associations in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. This involves checking the websites of a range of national organisations for policy and regulatory information, news on the sector, and free resources that are directly relevant to care providers, particularly small to medium sized private businesses, and writing short summaries with links for further detail. Each newsletter also flags up local news, such as contract opportunities, consultations and events.