Corporate and employee communication

WriteCare can help you communicate effectively with your own staff and wider audiences that have an interest in your organisation, including regulators, local communities, relevant third sector bodies and decision makers. Here are examples of written communication and the challenges in producing meaningful and useful information.

Supporting devolution in Greater Manchester

The challenge – To help a new partnership body develop consistent plans and strategies and keep its many stakeholders informed of its progress

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is a new body made up of 37 NHS organisations and councils, and the first in the UK to be given devolved powers to directly manage health and social care budgets and services. It needed to have a wide range of information in place for April 2016, when it began operating as a formal partnership. WriteCare wrote, edited and proofread a range of strategies, plans and reports, and helped develop a consistent house style for use across different content.

These included primary care, cancer and commissioning strategies, a comprehensive population health plan, an initial report to update stakeholders, the partnership’s first annual report and its business plan for the second year. It was particularly important to take into account contributions from a variety of member organisations and get the right balance between a Greater Manchester perspective and the specific interests and aims of different localities and sectors.

Producing an internal briefing

The challenge – To pick out key points from a national report on whistle-blowing to inform a specialist in-house team

WriteCare was asked to produce an internal briefing on the national Freedom to Speak Up review into whistle-blowing to help a specialist team focus on the specific impact of this guidance on primary care. This involved not just identifying relevant themes and pulling together related content from the published report but tracking down more detailed submissions to the consultation on which the review was based, not all of which were in the public domain. It was particularly important to analyse individual responses from primary care practitioners to the consultation as well as formal responses from representative bodies, and to draw out links between the Freedom to Speak Up core principles and primary care professions’ existing or proposed values, guidelines and activities.

Policy and strategy

WriteCare can help you develop clear policies and strategies for your organisation, or produce guidance to support implementation of national policies and compliance with regulation and legislation.

Editing a strategic needs assessment

The challenge – To check the content of a complex document for consistency and accuracy

WriteCare edited several chapters of the London Borough of Hackney’s joint strategic needs assessment for the council’s public health team, ensuring that the style of the various sections and sub-sections that made up each lengthy document was consistent and that the content could be easily navigated. The project involved a lot of detailed checks of body text, diagrams and references for accuracy, and identifying gaps and discrepancies in the house style guide.

Consistency across equality information

The challenge – To provide a high-profile and credible public with body with consistently accurate editing and proofreading support, including checking detailed references and in-text citations

WriteCare is on the copyediting and proofreading framework of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) providing different levels of editorial support but always following the EHRC’s house style. The work often covers specialist topics, and final policy reports and guidelines may be intended for extremely knowledgeable groups or wider audiences.

WriteCare has been able to add particular value through a general appreciation of health and wellbeing issues, including barriers to good health and the social determinants of health inequalities. For example, editing the draft Being disabled in Britain report required particular sensitivity and understanding of complex long-term health conditions.  You can download a copy of the published version here.

Making the case for change

The challenge –To pull together a clear narrative and engaging examples to create a strong case for change

WriteCare helped marshall a variety of contributions (including financial information) to enable the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent NHS and local government Together we’re better programme put forward its case for change in a positive and engaging way. We also sourced and wrote case studies to show positive change outcomes in practice. The draft went through a number of stages as it developed into a cohesive narrative based on strong underlying messages around the local need for health and care transformation. WriteCare managed feedback from relevant committees and boards, incorporating their suggested amendments in a consistent way and flagging up any potential contradictions.