In-depth experience

There’s always a need for clear, relevant written information in health and care. On these pages you’ll find examples of WriteCare’s wide-ranging experience of producing written communication for different audiences, and with different objectives.

Although the basic skills are the same – analysis, research (including interviewing), writing and editing being the main ones – other factors come into play in deciding the actual content, structure, tone and style. What is relevant to your target reader? What information and tone of voice will be most effective in achieving the best possible outcome?

The projects highlighted here typify the WriteCare approach to understanding the needs of each client and their particular target audience.

Whether it is corporate and employee communication for staff and other groups such as regulators, professional guidance for people working in health and care or information aimed at the general public or patients and service users, WriteCare always focuses on what is appropriate and meaningful.

Extra insight Using a freelance communications expert can be extremely good value when resources are tight. But it helps to be sure of your specific requirements from the outset and for both parties to be crystal clear on what’s involved in your working relationship. Read our tips on getting the most from freelance support.