From rhetoric to reality

Written by Vicky Burman on . Posted in Internal communication, Talking care

A recent report from The Point of Care Foundation is a breath of fresh air, as is the charity itself. Formed last May in the wake of the Francis Report, its goal is to provide practical solutions to improve both the patient and staff experience. The fact that Robert Francis is one of its trustees suggests the foundation means business.

Staff care: how to engage staff in the NHS and why it matters, its first report, makes the case plainly. There is a gap “between conceptual debates about culture and staff engagement and the reality of life in the NHS”. This needs to be bridged because the experience of healthcare staff has a massive direct impact on the experience of patients. It’s the same point I made in a masterclass on internal communication I gave at a conference on improving patient care in December (you can find a link to it here). At the heart of improvement are staff who feel valued and confident that when they make suggestions for change or raise concerns these will be listened to and acted upon.