Why use WriteCare?

Among her particular strengths, writer and editor Vicky Burman has the proven ability to:

  • Gain a rapid understanding of a health or care-related topic and the wider context
  • Apply this to sifting complex materials, such as research, policy and strategy documents
  • Ask pertinent and productive questions in interviews with people in every role and at every level.

A specialised communication support service offers good value and creative benefits as well as individual expertise.

WriteCare can:

  • Take on jobs your in-house teams may not have the capacity or capability to manage
  • Provide a new perspective, objectivity and fresh ideas
  • Offer practical support and advice to encourage positive input from clinical specialists and general managers and build on their enthusiasm for a project
  • Make sense of health and care jargon and medical terminology, and get the right balance between clarity and the specific needs of the audience
  • Challenge assumptions, especially about the target audience’s likely level of understanding.
Extra insight Another advantage, sometimes forgotten, is that being a potential or actual user of health and care services, not an employee of the service provider, can help develop the empathy required to communicate sensitively and appropriately and meet the challenge of really speaking to the target audience in a style and tone that convinces them of the information’s credibility.